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 Why we love what we do

Hardened Steel Band Saw Blade

Roth Sharp Tools is a small family owned butcher supply company located in Toledo, Ohio. We were founded in April 1989 by Roger and Gary, two meat cutters with over 50 years of meat cutting experience.
    With the introduction of box beef into the retail market, band saw blades became less durable and short lived. Roger and Gary hated how the new thinner cheaper blade could not resist the bending and twisting during demanding meat cutting. Therefore, they set out to develop a premium heavy duty band saw blade that would meet the needs of custom cutters and processors like you. They introduced a high polished carbon, stainless steel material, and with a hardened tooth cutting edge, not just on the surface. Also, they thickened the blade to a .025 and developed a heavy duty weld that is superior to all.
    Finally, in early 1992, Roger and Gary had their premium heavy duty band saw blade ready for production. Early on, they were met with enthusiasm and a loyal base of customers. Today, Roth Sharp Tools' premium blade is a national leader in quality, durability and value. We would like you to become a part of our success story.

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